Business Continuity & Disaster Recovery

Disaster Recovery and Business Continuity Planning

Time is money. How much time can your business  afford to be closed? Do you know what you would do if your business data suddenly disappeared?

With today’s businesses relying more and more on technology to enable their goods and services to continue being provided, a disaster recovery plan is more crucial than ever before. If unprepared, 51 percent  of companies suffering from a catastrophic data loss close within two years, while 43 percent never reopen at all and only 6 percent survive.

Regulatory Compliance and Data Retention

Is your business compliant with applicable industry regulations for data security and retention?

HIPAA, the Sarbanes-Oxley Act (SOX), and PCI DSS are some major standards that many businesses are required to adhere to. They standards govern customer information security and require prevention of unintentional data loss. Without a proper disaster recovery plan, your business may run the risk of fines or other legal action, in addition to the business downtime. Many businesses aren’t even aware they must meet these requirements.

BEK can help you plan your data handling to ensure compliance with these regulations and others, and prevent unwanted data destruction

Disaster recovery and data loss prevention should be a key part of any business continuity plan.

BEK can assist you in creating  a proactive disaster recovery plan by determining your needs in the event of a hardware  or other physical failure, to prevent it from becoming a business failure. We can ensure that your business meets those regulatory requirements, and that almost anything that could happen to your network will be recoverable with minimal impact to your business activities.

Some services that BEK offers to constitute part of a proactive Disaster Recovery plan include:

  • Managed Services
  • On- and Off-site backup
  • Redundant data systems and High Availability (HA)
  • Data recovery and forensics
  • Off-hours and weekend services
From on- and offsite backup to hardware failover to managed services, our team has the experience and technical expertise to ensure your business can continue, should the unthinkable happen to YOUR data.