Hardware and Energy Costs Getting Out of Control? Consolidate with Virtualization.

BEK offers a variety of virtualization solutions to help your business consolidate its hardware assets. We offer the latest technologies in desktop, application, and server virtualization. Consolidating systems from several platforms, even with different operating systems, reduces administrative overhead and provides centralized management capabilities.

What IS Server Virtualization?

Server virtualization is the process of using a software application to divide one physical server into multiple isolated virtual environments. Virtualizing servers allows you to decrease the amount of server hardware your company needs, and server resources you use. With virtualization, one physical server can run a number of different virtual servers.

After implementing a virtualization solution, businesses have cut their hardware and energy operating costs by as much as 80%, while improving efficiency and control for their IT departments.Utilizing server virtualization can yield immediate cost savings. Less hardware is needed. Less energy consumption is used, and there is a reduced labor cost associated with maintenance of physical servers.

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