Windows Small Business Server (SBS)

IT Network Consulting

Like most small business owners, you'd rather spend more time on your business, and less time on your technology. BEK's experts can help your business thrive. We know the special technology needs of small businesses. Whether you need help starting up a brand new network, assistance optimizing an existing network or the defibrillator to help your network recover from a disaster, BEK's IT Network Consulting will put your mind at ease.

Small Business Server Specialists

Small Business Server administration is a lot of like maintaining your car…if your car is the space shuttle. Have you ever really dug around inside a server? It’s frightening. Hire the wrong people to work on your network and you could experience a massive meltdown.

You’ve got a problem? There’s a very good chance we’ve seen it before and know how to fix it.

Give us a call to talk more about YOUR small business netowrk, and how we can help you maintain it.