About BEK

BEK Inc is a Managed IT Services Provider offering IT Advisory and Leadership Services to organizations in the Northeast, around the US and around the world. We offer value-driven solutions above and beyond managing and operating hosting, security and a full-range of IT support services.  Our IT Advisory approach enables us to provide leadership to our clients in a complex rapidly changing IT environment.

Our focus is to provide maximum “business value” to our clients enabling them to grow their businesses, manage their risk/compliance, and increase their competitive position by delivering improved business results.  Our client-first approach means our solutions are based on what technology solutions are needed to “fuel” their business, not a particular hardware or hosting solution.

BEK Inc blends speed, agility, and simplicity in scaling and managing information technology infrastructure. With access to best-in-class certified technology experts, toolsets, hardware, and software.  BEK Inc offers companies a total IT infrastructure management solution. BEK Inc provides comprehensive 24×7 Monitoring and Management, 24×7 Help Desk, along with Cloud Hosting, (Hybrid, private, AWS and Azure), full IT Security Services, Disaster Recovery, VoIP, and more.

What We Do
Business Continuity

A Business Continuity Plan formalizes your company’s IT policies, procedures and precautions to minimize downtime should the worst happen


It’s basically risk management in action on a daily basis. You are managing potential risks that could impair or jeopardize your business IT

What are those risks? They can be anything from viruses or equipment failure to fire, hurricane or other natural disaster. More often than not, it falls into the camp of human error

Project Management

BEK Inc recognizes organizations’ needs for effective execution of program and project management that attains business goals


Our professional team has the experience and technical skillsets to analyze, manage, and execute on program management, business systems, IT infrastructure, website and application development that will achieve measurable end results 


Our client focus is on increased productivity, forward innovation, and superior performance standards, leveraging technology to improve your business profitability

Cloud Services

There are many advantages to the cloud, but it is not always easy getting there. You need to select the right cloud service provider for your needs, whether it be a small DevOps environment, specific applications, platforms such as Office 365, or your enterprise systems

BEK Inc has the experience working with multiple Cloud Service Providers (CSP) and clients of all sizes to help develop the right cloud strategy for your business, performance, security and budget needs. We also have the experienced resources, tools and relations to plan and execute your cloud migration

Great IT Begins with an Assessment
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