Managed IT Services and Outsourcing

BEK Inc takes a responsive and progressive approach in providing Managed IT Services. BEK Inc blends speed, agility, and simplicity to minimize the many challenges in scaling and managing information technology infrastructure while actually reducing costs.

To accomplish this, we rely on an advanced set of IT tools and skilled IT professionals.  We provide exceptional value and innovation to achieve measurable reliability and performance results. Whether you are seeking an integrated solution to support existing infrastructure components or you are ready to completely outsource your IT environment, our clients will tell you that BEK Inc delivers value.

With BEK Managed IT Services, you’ll find the freedom to focus on growing your business.  When you outsource IT to BEK Inc, you’ll gain financial and operational efficiencies that make for some serious peace of mind. Whether your organization is looking for total IT management or a single service to complete your IT picture, we have the services and solutions that fit your IT needs.

Customized Outsourcing to Match Your Requirements

BEK Inc provides “proactive” Managed IT Services by designing, implementing, operating, managing and monitoring all types of IT networks, devices, and users.  For a fixed monthly fee, we provide Managed IT Services like mobile device management, storage and cloud solutions, VoIP services, on-site support, 24×7 Help Desk Services, Complete IT Security, dedicated support and more.

Servers, disk drives, operating systems, network applications, firewalls, switches, etc… have one thing in common: the potential for failure. When network components fail, it can result in major disruptions to your business. You’ll receive prioritized response at a fixed budget. It covers the cost of warranted hardware parts or replacements for BEK Inc standard makes and models, minimizing concerns over unplanned expenses.

  • Monitoring and Response with 24x7 Coverage

    • automated ticket creation for critical issues​

    • automated alerting to appropriate resources

  • Proactive Maintenance

    • updates and scans for viruses and routine system optimization tasks

  • Automated Patching

    • of your Windows-based devices (both Microsoft and 3rd party patches) so your team can focus on running your business without skipping a beat​

  • IT Procurement

    • with savings from BEK’s aggregated buying power passed through to your organization​

  • Vendor Coordination

    • around technology issues. Telephones, time clocks and internet providers can all cause IT headaches. We’re here to help solve issues with them​

  • Discounted Rates

    • Preferred rates for clients engaged in our Managed Services program​

  • Strategic IT Direction

    • regularly scheduled​ technical meetings to discuss existing and future direction of your business and where BEK can ensure your network keeps pace

  • Customization

    • we customize ​your Managed Services program to meet your requirements, from full services covering your entire infrastructure to just your network core

  • Help Desk Support

    • provides a single point of contact for managing all your end user requests​

  • Inventory Management

    • on active assets so your environment is at your finger tips​

  • Dedicated Technical Resource 

    • to help keep your technology running and know your environment​​