Design, Deploy and Support Technology from On-Premise to the Cloud

There are many advantages to the cloud, but it is not always easy getting there. You need to select the right cloud service provider for your needs, whether it be a small DevOps environment, specific applications, platforms such as Office 365, or your enterprise systems. BEK Inc has the experience working with multiple CSPs and clients of all sizes to help develop the right cloud strategy for your business, performance, security and budget needs. We also have the experienced resources, tools and relationships to plan and execute your migration to the cloud, including the change management with your users, customers and partners. And, after you get to the cloud, BEK Inc can monitor, manage, and maintain your cloud infrastructure to continue meeting your needs as your business grows and your needs change over time.

Hosted Cloud Services
Office 365 Migration

To gain the benefits of Office 365, you have to move off your legacy environment. We can help you configure the rules, set up security, migrate the mail you need, and manage the change with your users so they don’t miss a beat

Hybrid Options

With differences in performance, cost, security, and scalability, you don’t want to guess wrong about what to leave on premise and to which cloud(s) to move your environments, applications, and users

Migration Planning and Execution

Cloud migrations take careful planning and execution. Our thoughtful approach and experience migrating customers to and from multiple cloud service providers including local data centers,  Azure and AWS, allows us to develop and execute a more complete game plan to get you there

Cloud Infrastructure Management

Getting to the cloud is just the beginning. It still needs to be managed. We can manage your cloud infrastructure to help make sure you are getting the performance, scale, and security your business needs for the price you deserve